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Stephen Archer is a speaker with great charisma. By using illustrations and personal experiences and not being afraid to share his own point of view of the current situation and who is to blame for it, he engages the whole audience, at the same time helping us all to understand the credit crunch a little better.

— Warwick Business School


2014 – What will this significant year bring?

January 13th, 2014 by Stephen Archer | View Comments

In January 1914 there was no hint of the first global conflict that would commence just 8 months later. Such is unpredictability. Yes, the seeds were there but even the best informed could not make a credible prediction of the events starting in August 1914. Are we in for any major economic or political shocks…

China – More freedom and more control in 2014

January 5th, 2014 by Stephen Archer | View Comments

Is there going to be significant and sustained change to be seen in China? In my view the answer is yes. As we head into 2014 we have a legacy of change in China during 2013 to consider so what is the evidence of change? We may see China as approaching the Western economic model…