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Stephen Archer is a speaker with great charisma. By using illustrations and personal experiences and not being afraid to share his own point of view of the current situation and who is to blame for it, he engages the whole audience, at the same time helping us all to understand the credit crunch a little better.

— Warwick Business School


Eurozone break up: Can it? Will it? Should it?

June 27th, 2012 by Stephen Archer | View Comments

Tomorrow there is yet another EU summit on the crisis and headlines of yet another week to save Europe. Really? My title asks questions that until recently had be unutterable. However, the realisation that Greece post election is ‘more of the same inertia’; the fact that Spain and Cyprus are unwelcome additions to the bailout…

Eurozone – Make up or Breakup? The crossroads

June 13th, 2012 by Stephen Archer | View Comments

With the unfolding drama of Spanish bailout and the second Greek election just days away, what are the options for the Eurozone? As the crisis deepens the siren calls are getting louder. In broad terms there are two options though there is a sort of ‘third way’ which I will come to. The first option…